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Premier Wash$29.00Includes Bling Wash plus: Wipe down dash console & door vinyl Front cup holders & door jambs Interior vacuumed Front rubber mats washed Windows cleaned Hand clean wheels Dress tiresBling Wash$19.00Includes Best Wash plus: Hand clean wheels Dress tires 72-hour clean car guarantee with receipt Stay in car entire wash

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Best Wash$14.00Includes Better Wash plus: 3 applications of foaming deep cleaning soap Bubblecano Fire & Ice Drying agent Hand dry Stay in vehicle the entire washBetter Wash$12.00 2 applications of foaming deep cleaning soap Undercarriage high-pressure wash Wheel cleaner Triple foam wax Spot free rinse Drying agent Hand dry

Tariff 3

Good Wash$10.00 Stay in vehicle the entire wash Hand dryAdditional ServicesPrice Varies Heavy bug removal = $4.00 Mag chloride prep = $4.00 Heavy mud removal = $10.00 Hand finish wheels & dress tires = $4.00 Hand wash = starting at $38.00

Car Wash 1

Express Car Wash From our Premier Wash to our Good Wash, we have an extreme clean option for every car. View Express Wash Options

Car Wash 2

Premium Detailing Our interior and exterior detailing services are available for cars, boats, RVs, and motorcycles - you name it, we'll detail it while using the highest quality products and tools. View Detailing Options Book Detailing Service

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Mini Detail Services Our mini detail services are perfect for those cars that don't need a full detail, but could benefit from a quality clean. View Mini Detail Options
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